WWW WEDNESDAY // 11 july 2018

www wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Taking On a World of Words where you answer three questions.

so the thing is, in this past week since my last www wednesday post, i kind of stopped reading the books i said i was currently reading and i never got to actually read the books i said i was going to read next. whoops. i think the main reason is because i’m now on the road to read all 3 contemporaries emma mills has written thus far. and once i’m done, i’ll be reading those that are on my TBR hahaha.

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what are you currently reading?

first and then by emma mills // as i’ve said above, i’m binge reading emma mills’s books right now because they’re so good!!! i just started first and then a couple days back and it’s pretty good so far.

pride and prejudice by jane austen // this my 217329th time trying to read this hahaha. but well i’ve made the most progress i ever did with pride and prejudice so far so i guess that’s good??

all the bright places by jennifer niven // just an audiobook i borrowed to listen while commuting. and also because i really want to reread all the bright places lol.

so uh, i kind of unofficially DNFed soundless by richelle mead because it was somewhat boring lmao. and i also took a break from reading children of blood and bone because it felt so intimidating(??), but i’ll definitely be finishing that soon.


what did you recently finish reading?

this adventure ends by emma mills // this was SO GOOD OMG. the humor was great and the characters were also amazing. a review will be posted soon lol.

a court of frost and starlight by sarah j. maas // i finally read this and it was great but i guess i was just expecting more??


what do you think you’ll read next?

well, i think it’s pretty obvious that i have to get back to children of blood and bone lol. and hunting prince dracula is definitely something i’m really looking forward to read.


do you stick to your TBR or just read whatever you’re feeling like reading? what books did you recently read?


BEST BOOKS I’VE READ IN 2018 (SO FAR) // top ten tuesday 


top ten tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by that artsy reader girl where you post a top ten list based on the topic of that week. this week’s topic is best books i’ve read in 2018 (so far).

while writing this post, i realised i actually reread quite a good number of books and not as many new releases as i would’ve liked. so as tempted as i may be, i’m not going to include any books that i have reread (even though i really want to hahaha). this list is in the order of when i read the books, not how much i loved them because i adore them all so much lmao.

okay, let’s just get on to the list.

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JULY TBR + some monthly goals

i’m more of a mood reader, but i want to try having a set TBR this month so i can hopefully get myself to read most of these books haha. there are not many books on this list just because school started for me (i’m so envious of yall who have summer break!!).

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foolish hearts by emma mills // i’m actually currently reading this as of when i’m writing this post. i’m excited to see how the plot’s going to turn out. update: i finished reading it and it’s SO FREAKING GOOD I CAN’T EVEN AHHH.

children of blood and bone by tomi adeyemi // also reading this as of now. i hope i’ll be able to finish this soon because i’ve been reading so slowly when it comes to this lmao.

hunting prince dracula by kerri maniscalco // my copy of this finally arrived after like…a month so i’m so pumped to read this! and i’m hoping that i’ll be able to read this by the time escaping from houdini is released.

soundless by richelle mead // this book has been sitting on my shelf ever since i bought it when it was released. i tried reading a couple times before but i always got bored, plus i’ve been hearing mixed reviews which kind of made me regret getting this book. okay if i’m being honest, it was mostly an impulse buy hahaha. but i’m planning to borrow the audiobook for this and listen while on the road, so hopefully i’ll finish the book?? *fingers crossed*

heartless by marissa meyer // this has been on my tbr for so long lol. i really wanted to buy this book, which is partly why i still haven’t read heartless till this day. but i decided i’m just going to borrow the e-book of it haha. (overdrive is such a lifesaver omg)

sad girls by lang leav // another impulse buy, what a surprise (not). okay but to be fair, there was a sale going on and this was much cheaper than its original price so there’s that. 


okay now on to some things i hope i can achieve this month.

  • post at least 2(?) times a week. i know i’ll probably get into a blogging slump halfway through the school term, but i still hope i’ll be able to blog lol.
  • and that brings us to the next point: schedule my blog posts a few days beforehand!!!
  • don’t get into a reading slump. to help with this goal, i started having at least one audiobook/e-book on my phone because i’m literally on my phone all day long, so hopefully i’ll be able to read more books haha.
  • STOP PROCRASTINATING!! i really need to stop. it’s not getting me anywhere ugh.
  • okay this is really random but i need to make an effort to reply messages/emails on time. i swear i’m like the laziest person when it comes to replying my friends’ messages. the thing is, i see the messages most of the time, but i just cruelly ignore them and guess what? i completely forget about them until the next day or something lmao.


what books are you planning to read this month? do you strictly follow your TBR or read whatever books you want?

WWW WEDNESDAY // 4 july 2018


www wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Taking On a World of Words where you answer three questions.

my forgetful self actually forgotten to do this last week, so this week i’m drafting this a few days beforehand so i wouldn’t forget when wednesday arrives haha.

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Image result for starfish goodreads

starfish by akemi dawn bowman

pages: 353

published by: simon pulse on 26 september 2017

genres: contemporary, young adult, mental health, mental illness, romance

rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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JUNE WRAP UP // back to blogging + new obsessions

june’s been amazing (not including the last week because school started again for me)!! and i’m really excited to write this post, because for some reason i love writing (and reading other people’s) wrap ups lmao.

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how are yall doing? i’m super excited for the second half of the year because the sequels i’ve been waiting for are going to be released!!! but then again, this means that i’ll probably be really broke by the end of this year hahaha.

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technically it’s summer all year round where i stay, but it doesn’t matter haha. i thought i’d just share some of my all time favourite contemporaries (that are also mostly set in the summer?). let’s just get on with it lol.

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legendary by stephanie garber

pages: 443

published by: flatiron books on 29 may 2018

genres: fantasy, young adult

rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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